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Smart Money Workshop Series

Where: First United Methodist Church Covington

Dates: 10/15/2018 weekly through 11/19/2018  7:00pm-8:15pm

10/15/2018 Your Personal Economic Model

In this session we will discuss the personal economic model we all manage throughout our lives. Understanding how tax filter, savings and qualified funds used for retirement security are critical to success.

10/22/2018 Qualified Plans & Qualified plans 101

Entire discussion based on government qualified plans such as 401k, 403B, 457 & TSP accounts. This type vehicle comprises most savings for Americans due to the tax deferral. Is this really the best plan to save for retirement?

10/29/2018 Finance 101

This workshop we discuss financing versus paying cash. Which is better? Did you know that if you say cash is better, you are financing the purchase with your future dollars you could have earned?

11/5/2018 Debt 101

In this presentation we discuss how quickly debt can put you on the road to financial ruin. Learn about how quickly debt can destroy both your current and future lifestyle. Debt can become a slippery slope with no other collateral than your job.

11/12/2018 College Planning 101

This workshop covers four ways to pay for college and covers key considerations. There are four main sources of funds used to pay for your children’s higher education. Learn about the seven factors to be reviewed for needs based financial aid.

11/19/2018 The new tax law: 20+ Questions Every Person, Family, and Business Must Answer Soon!

Discover the unanswered questions about the new tax law. Will these laws cost me money, or will I benefit? What do I need to worry about? What do I need to change now or in the future? Your guest speaker, Amy K. Baltimore, CPA of Covington will address all these issues and many more BEFORE you are dealing with the stress of tax season in 2019.

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