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Senior Consulting Financial Group, Inc. serves the 60+ marketplace with straightforward, realistic advice regarding Medicare and life insurance, annuities, and potential growth products based on your individual risk tolerance. Social Security, retirement planning, legacy planning for generations, and creating awareness of being fiscally responsible are important areas of discussion we offer to each of our clients.

We understand the overwhelming amount of data you receive at this point in your life, and will do our best to help you break it down to something you can understand. Our goal is to make sure you understand at all cost.

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Derek Baltimore

Phone Number: 901-389-7258
 Email: dbaltimore@scfginc.net

Derek Baltimore is the owner and managing director of Senior Consulting Financial Group, Inc., a full service financial services firm specializing in the 60+ demographic. His experience in this space is extensive, with 22 yrs. under his belt in the industry.

Baltimore returned to his hometown of Memphis, TN after a career in the financial services industry 
both in Memphis, TN & Denver, CO from 1994-2005. In this 11-year span of helping people secure their financial futures, he realized that the securities industry was chock full of registered representatives looking to write a sale ticket versus securing their clients future financial lives. Baltimore set out to change with his forming of alliances with carrier partners that provide both lifetime income products, as well a zero or minimal out of pocket expenses on the insurance side for clients while in Medicare.


In 2014, Baltimore was elected President of NAIFA Memphis for 2014-15, The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. After an incredibly successful year at the helm where membership surged 38% at the local, he was invited to serve on the NAIFA TN board as Regional Vice President. In the early 90’s he formed and later sold a highly successful networking firm to a publicly traded firm before making the foray into financial services in 1994. He lives in Burlison, TN with his wife Amy, a CPA and two of his 6 children.


 Montgomery James

 Phone Number: 901-389-7258
 Email: contact@scfginc.net

Montgomery James is a lifelong Memphian, he is a graduate of Christian Brothers High School and Christian Brothers University. He has had several entrepreneurial endeavors in his life. After graduating from college he managed several Martial Arts schools and eventually open his own successful school. These were great times, helping in the development of children and adults in their quest to be physically fit and mentally confident.

In 2000 he took a step in a new direction, he started in the renovation of homes and the development of rental properties. Again a rewarding time, taking a property that no one wanted and transforming it into a home for a family.

In October of 2013 he made the change to Senior insurance sales, getting back to his roots of helping people, like in his Martial Arts days. He saw the potential of the next twenty years with senior insurance and the potential to help so many seniors. Mr. James recently came on board with Derek Baltimore at the Senior Consulting Financial Group Inc. and is excited to be working for an organization that is focused on educating seniors with their insurance needs.

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